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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Feeling better by thinking better

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic practice that  uses

hypnotherapy and well researched structured strategies to help people make significant and positive changes in their present and future lives, in a relatively short period of time 

As you have arrived on this page you have taken the first step to getting the real you back, your subconscious is  guiding you  to take control and believe that there is a better way forward, a place where you can start to enjoy the every day things that so many take for granted.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a therapeutic approach, using deep relaxation and focused attention . When the conscious mind is relaxed, the subconscious mind comes to the fore and it is at this time we are able to offer positive suggestion to change programs in your subconscious programming that no longer serve you or act in your best interest. Solution focused hypnotherapy is present and future focused so that you never have to relive that previous trauma that may have caused you so much difficulty in the past.

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Daniel Robinson      DSFH. HPD.

When.I look back, there are times in my life that I wish I had known about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy,


Because my life path would not have been a roller coaster of a ride, reacting to things rather than acting, coping better with times of great stress or anxiety and having tools and information that would of allowed me to start taking control of my life .

You may of heard of the saying " Mind, Body and Spirit " each a component of the person you are. Sometimes we loose sight of the importance of balance, where peace and harmony prevail. I believe in self empowerment where we naturally understand what we each need to be the best version of ourselves. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy says that we each have the resource within ourselves to achieve a greater potential. 


Through my role as a therapist, I encourage and support  you to find your way back and to start taking control of your life, in turn empowering you and sustaining positive changes, after all, its your life so let's start taking it back right now.

Feeling better

by thinking better

Solution focused hypnotherapy

I’ve had a really challenging time over the last 5 years around starting a family with heartbreaking miscarriages and failed IVF. During this pregnancy I was very cautious and didn’t get my hopes up about a positive outcome after so much disappointment. After then suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum I was suddenly struck with overwhelming anxiety and everywhere I turned I received kindness but a lack of availability to help me there and then. I felt lost and isolated and didn’t know how to cope. A friend suggested hypnotherapy with Daniel. I’d never tried hypnotherapy before but was filled with hope following my friend’s recommendation. Daniel was so kind and arranged to see me the next day. I was so grateful ....................

I really enjoyed my first hypnotherapy session with Daniel for my eating disorder. I learnt a great deal and now understand how my mind plays a part in my condition. I came away feeling happy, relaxed and less anxious and i am really looking forward to my next meeting with Daniel

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 I had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Daniel to help me with my confidence. I found that Daniels approach was warm and supportive which helped me feel relaxed allowing me to open up and talk about where I would like to improve.

Daniels hypnotherapy sessions were not just about the hypnosis alone, the approach felt holistic where Daniel listened and together we addressed contributing factors and how I may move forward to over come my hurdles.  Hypnotherapy has helped me to increase my awareness and improve my approach to the challenges I faced and since having hypnotherapy I have made significant  changes in a positive way.

Hypnotherapy with Daniel is combined with encouragement and each week there is a review which helps to acknowledge growth and movement toward the change I was looking for.

The hypnotherapy sessions together with the audio recording, listened to outside the sessions, I found relaxing and effective and has definitely increased my confidence and over all well being.

I highly recommend Daniels hypnotherapy sessions.

Ms J Whitlock.      

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