Symptoms of weight management​​​​

  • little discipline around food

  • yoyo dieting

  • setting of unrealistic food goals

  • no or little will power 

  • low self esteem 

  • lack of confidence

  • lack of self belief

  • unable to shake bad habits

  • poor self image

Weight Management

Simply put if we do not burn the energy consumed by eating food then the body stores the energy as fat and so exercise plays an important part in maintaining a healthy weight. However, when our stress increases so can our appetite, our desire for fatty foods, our fat storage, comfort eating or a feeling of helplessness. Sound familiar?

By reducing our stress levels we can lower the perceived onset of those stressful  events that causes the body to respond in a fight or flight response.


Solution focused hypnotherapy encourages us to visualise perceived and desired outcomes to help us work toward our goals.

We may, also, have beliefs around food that are potentially unhealthy , such as eating everything before leaving the table or associations that trigger certain responses. 

By reducing stress, creating solution focused desired outcomes and the use of hypnotherapy to reprogram potentially unhelpful beliefs you can start to make better decisions about food and make better choices about how you move forward toward your desired goal.

When you are calmer, more relaxed  and your mind is solution focused you will make better choices and decisions about your well being .