Stressed Woman

Symptoms of low confidence

  • Unable to speak out when necessary

  • Feel intimidated in crowds

  • Constantly doubting yourself

  • Do not feel or think of yourself of value

  • Think other people are better than you 

  • Generally have low self esteem

  • Focus on your negative qualities

  • Blame yourself when things go wrong

  • Cannot address people at public events

Low Confidence

Confidence touches on many aspect of our lives, whether it be taking an item of clothing back to the shop, a driving test or that job interview or even meeting someone new for the first time.

Whether we undervalue ourselves, have low self esteem or lack self belief hypnotherapy can help.  Solution focused hypnotherapy uses well researched and structured strategies together with hypnotherapy to help empower and envision a more positive and brighter future and by offering our subconscious positive suggestion we can bring about positive change and improved outcomes.

Imagine what you could achieve if you were able to let go of the thought patterns that hold you back?

Hypnotherapy will help you to become calmer, more relaxed and better able to take control using the left side of your brain, the left pre fontal cortex and when you do that you also release those happy neuro - transmitters that make you feel better too.

By becoming solution focused we are better able to envision our future selves in the place we want to be.

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