Symptoms of chronic pain

  • Persistent ongoing pain

  • Long term debilitating effects

  • Pain that continues after the injury has healed

  • Can be attributed to physical conditions or illness

  • Avoidance of normal activity due to persistent pain

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • stress

Chronic Pain

Pain is the body's way of saying take action or pay attention and is there to serve as a warning system. There are two types of pain acute, which is localised, short term and intense and chronic which is unlocalised and persistent.


Chronic pain is defined as pain that is persistent and carries on for longer than 12 weeks. It is known that when we are experiencing pain we often feel stressed which encourages the release of neurotransmitters that heighten the sensation of pain.


Solution focused hypnotherapy changes our focus and relationship with pain and helps us focus on behaviours and habits that work on easing symptoms and perceptions and is clinically proven to be effective.

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help to reduce anxiety around pain by focusing on how we would like things to be.

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