Symptoms of OCD

  • Repeatedly thinking unwanted, intrusive or distressing thoughts

  • Feelings of intense anxiety

  • Feeling of repeated behaviours of mental acts as a result of anxiety

  • Compulsive behaviours like constantly checking things

  • Having to have everything orderly and organised

  • Hoarding things

  • Constantly washing hands

  • Repeating things in your head


OCD is a condition where the mind becomes overwhelmed by obsessive thoughts or repetitive actions or behaviours. Sometimes associated with traumatic events or a build of stress and anxiety, which is an underlying cause of the condition.


We associate the ritualist or obsessive behaviour with success and control which is a form of ensuring our survival as perceived by our fight, fight, freeze response .


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy allows gentle reprogramming of the subconscious behaviours that cause anxiety and stress together with an approach of desired outcomes giving us back control and a good dose of seratonin, the chemical feel good neurotransmitter. We are then better able to cope and make better choices and decisions for ourselves

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic practice that  uses

hypnotherapy and well researched structured strategies to help people make significant and positive changes in their present and future lives, in a relatively short period of time