Holding Hands

Symptoms of panic attacks

  • Increased heart rate and thumping in chest

  • Severe panic or feeling of impending doom

  • anxiety, stress, depression

  • churning stomach

  • claustrophobia

  • Sweaty palms

  • Heightened feeling of sensitivity

  • Loss of physical or mental control

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can appear to come out of nowhere when in reality the event has been building up over a period of time. Our every day lives are filled with stress and anxiety, to an ever increasing degree, it can build up gradually and unnoticed. When our stress and anxiety get too much and, in a sense, overflow then we can have a panic attack, symptomatic of sweaty palms, churning stomach, fear of impending doom, thumping heart, an adrenaline rush that make you feel like you are having a heart attack and feeling out of control.


The mind can form an association with objects or events at this time which can then become triggers for successive bouts of panic.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is used to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety that cause these events so lowering the potential for the panic attack to occur. When our stress levels are reduced and the effective strategies take effect we start to make better use of the rational mind increasing the production of seratonin ( the feel good chemical neuro-transmiter ) and encourages us to make better intellectual and rational choices about our situation and our future.

Solution focused hypnotherapy has proven to be very effective in the treatment of panic attacks.