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Symptoms of Addiction

  • Shakes

  • Sweats

  • Tremors

  • uncharacteristic behaviour

  • disregard for social norms

  • compulsive behaviour

  • irritability

  • loss of motivation


Addiction does not happen overnight and social, environmental, genetic and mental factors play their part.  It is generally accepted that there are four stages of addiction.

1..   Experimentation. 

2.  .Regular Use

3  . High Risk Use

4.  Addiction

It is the initial pleasure response that stimulates dopamine production and the escapism that encourages use  that becomes  habitual, just like brushing teeth or going to sleep, that can lead to  dependency and addiction, it is worth noting here that everyone forms an addiction, 

Some addictions are harder to recover from than others especially when chemicals or substances are involved.. In some cases the help of a GP is required to advise treatment and the right support groups or networks to approach . In other instances, like stop smoking, this can be achieved without a visit to your local health worker. 

Smoking, on the other hand, is a relatively easy addiction to resolve .


If left untreated addictions become progressively worse and the first step to any resolution is admitting that you have a problem.

By visioning and re educating the mind through solution focused questioning and hypnotherapy you can create new habits and positive  behaviours that stimulate dopamine production as you become more purposeful and forward looking rather than dwelling in situation that has no long term benefit.  


The first stage or step to recovery is accepting and recognising that you have a problem.

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