Symptoms of anxiety

  • Feeling uneasy

  • Racing heart

  • Impending fear 

  • Sweaty Palms

  • Feeling out of control

  • Have trouble or difficulty falling asleep

  • Unable to concentrate

  • Avoid doing things or putting things off

  • Feeling tired, irritable or on edge

  • Racing heart beat


Would you believe that anxiety is a skill, a skill that ensured our preservation when we were surrounded by lions and bears and living in caves. Today we no longer have to deal with wild animals but we can still feel threatened, anxious and uncertain.


Anxiety can creep up on us and when it does our mind runs through every scenario " to ensure our survival " , our mind sees everything as a potential threat and we can get caught in a spiral of negative thinking and procrastination, forecasting and caution, we go into fight/flight or freeze mode, a primitive response.

We  become hyper vigilant and sensitive, blood flow increases to the muscles, heart beat increases, energy is diverted to the muscles in case we need to run, the stomach churns, if left unchecked this stressful situation can lead to panic attacks

Solution focused hypnotherapy  helps to reprogram  negative responses and triggers so that you can remain calmer and be more  control of our lives. It helps to calm, relax and improve mental, physical and emotional well being.

After a session of solution focused hypnotherapy many clients feel relaxed, energised and so much more calmer.