Symptoms of depression

  • Feeling tearful or wanting to cry all the time

  • Finding it hard to cope or do everyday things

  • Feeling lethargic or tired all the time

  • Having no enthusiasm for anything

  • Experiencing brain fog

  • Unable  or finding it hard to concentrate

  • Feeling exhausted or tired all the time

  • Unable to make decisions

  • Not wanting to interact or be with people


Depression and its symptoms can affect many aspects of life including work, relationships, interests and planning and like many conditions around mental health, depression is not visible and so can go unnoticed and not dealt with, in which case the person suffers in silence.


Depression can change the personality and ranges from mild to severe, with loss of interest, moodiness, diet loss, inability to cope or see a way out, wanting to retire and hide away from the world becoming reclusive and inward  looking. The symptoms of depression include lack of motivation and  the inability to see positive outcomes and so negative thinking causes a downward spiral of conditions.


Unfortunately sleeping all day does not solve the issues surrounding depression and so the best thing you can do is talk to someone about how you feel.


Solution focused hypnotherapy has proven to to be extremely effective in the treatment  of depression and can help get you back on track, coping better, finding confidence and taking back a life that has been put on hold.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy  encourages the production of the seratonin, the positive " feel good " neurotransmitter, together with deep relaxation, subconscious reprogramming and structured strategies designed to envision positive future outcomes.