What to expect on our first meeting?

If you have got to this page then you have decided you want change and already taken the first step on your road to recovery, so well done. Our first meeting, generally, takes around an hour and it is here that we begin to understand your experience and what you would like to achieve through our meetings and working together.

It is here that you will receive an empowering and informative explanation of how the mind works to create your condition, the neuroscience behind it and how we are going to work together to help you cope better moving forwards towards your aims.

On our first meeting no hypnotherapy takes place but you will leave with a better understanding of how the conditions are created and you will receive a  relaxation recording  that is designed to encourage and  improve restorative and restful sleep.

Our sessions can be face to face, on an internet platform like zoom or may be even over the phone. It is an opportunity to ask questions.


In light of current covid restrictions all appointments and sessions  are held over an internet platform ZOOM or similar.

What to expect on our regular sessions

Depending upon your need and how I can help you will determine the number of sessions you will require and is individual to each client. In most cases it is a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions. One session is approximately  an hours duration.


For a release of a fear or phobia it is 4 sessions and smoking cessation it is a 1 two hour session.

Each subsequent session, after the initial consultation, will include deep relaxation or hypnotherapy together with solution focused strategies designed to encourage and engage use of the left pre frontal cortex or intellectual mind. You will be given a pre recorded language pattern that is to be used as part of the therapeutic practice and you will be encouraged to use mind techniques as tools to support you between sessions. Each session is a practice of empowerment that will help you cope better and feel better as you begin to take back control.

How much  do sessions cost ?

Individual sessions, on a pay as you go basis, are £65.00 each or most clients opt for the savings that come with purchasing a package of sessions which can be decided upon your initial contact. The smoking cessation session, which is up to 2 hours is £100.00. With the smoking cessation package it may be advisable to have , at least, 2 general sessions before hand which are used to prepare the mind and have a beneficial effect on the outcome.

Individual recordings are available to help improve a number of situations including sleep, confidence, public speaking, coping with exam pressure, stress and other areas at a price of £12.00. which can be sent directly to your phone. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

What is solution focused hypnotherapy?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic practice that uses hypnotherapy and well researched structured strategies and practices to help people make significant and positive changes, in their present and future lives, in a relatively short period of time. Whilst in the hypnotic state gentle suggestions are put forwards to the subconscious mind encouraging new behaviours and with specific strategies the mind is guided and able to find  creative and solution focused alternatives to current life issues.

A major benefit of solution focused hypnotherapy is that you do not have to revisit past traumas or events and so not have to relive the past . Solution focused hypnotherapy is present and future led believing the client has all the necessary resource themselves in order resolve their issues. 

In the technique and practice of solution focused hypnotherapy is the belief that the client has the resource and ability to resolve their own issues and by guiding the client in a solution focused way they are able to identify and practise new solutions to current issues which promotes and creates better thinking, actions and interctions.

What is hypnosis?

​Hypnosis is an  induced state of altered consciousness in which the conscious mind is subdued and the subconscious mind is brought to the fore. When in this state we have access to the subconscious, the place where all our limiting beliefs, emotions and fears reside and we are able to subtly influence  behaviours in a positive and potentially life changing way. Hypnosis is often defined as a trance like state similar to that of day dreaming, dosing before sleep or when we go for a run. We go into trance many times during the day and it is a very normal condition.

It is important to note here that the client must be receptive to the induced hypnotic state, open to suggestion cannot be made to do anything that they would not perceive as reasonable. 


What is hypnotherapy?

The technique applied of using hypnosis to encourage a state of deep relaxation and focused attention to gain access to the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy has been used as a technique since the 1700's but only more recently has achieved scientific recognition in the treatment of emotional, mental or physical issues. The candidate under hypnosis cannot be made to do anything they would not reasonably do in conscious awareness and within this altered state positive suggestion is used to alter perceptions or limiting beliefs that no longer serve a positive and happy life.  

Can I be hypnotised ?

Hypnosis or trance is a state of altered awareness. Have you ever been able to day dream as you look out of the window or arrived at your destination and not been consciously aware of the journey or route you have taken to get there or have you been out running and your mind  just seemed to be in neutral gear or have you watched tv and could not recall what you have just been watching then the chances are that you have been in a state of altered awareness, a trance state as used in hypnotherapy. We go into trance many times a day.

Happy Friends