Happy Woman

" I started having hypnotherapy with Daniel last year after trying other therapies in the past and making little progress. I was in a bit of a mess emotionally after a long term relationship had ended. I found that I had low self esteem. ( I could nt even look in the mirror. ) and PTSD from unhealed wounds from my childhood. 

During the sessions I did'nt need to talk about my problems ( which was excellent as I found them to be painful to talk about. Daniel made me feel at ease with his caring nature and the relaxation sessions were just that, very relaxing. During the sessions and after I began to notice significant changes in me .Other people also noticed and that spurred me to carry on. 

Six months on and my life has turned around, I have confidence in myself , a job I love and career progression. Living life to the fullest with a bright blue sky ahead of me.

Thank You Daniel. "

Drinking Tea

" Hypnotherapy is something I had never really thought about, but after a recommendation I gave it a go, and it was actually life changing! 

Daniel helps you to open up and you begin to question and think about why you do what you do, and why you think like you think. And for me in particular; how I could turn my negative thoughts and worries into positive thoughts, with a great understanding which has benefitted my life greatly in all aspects from home life, work life and being with friends.

I now consciously think and question my thoughts, and  if they are silly things I have programmed that have been affecting my life, I can now change that for the better. 

Daniel's relaxation tapes are brilliant. Mine is personalised and 24 minutes long so I listen to before bed and that really helps you to relax, sleep, and remind you of the power of your own mind. You will understand how powerful they are when you have a listen. 

This is one of the best things I've ever done, because I feel free and in control of my thoughts and mind. I thought everyone just accepted what they thought as gospel, whereas these conditioned thoughts can actually be changed for the better! And that is when life becomes a whole new, happy, loving, and exciting place that really does exists!


Thank you, "

Happy Woman

" The SF Hypnotherapy sessions with Daniel made a big difference to me. It helped me to quickly tackle feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety and claustrophobia due to ill health.

Undoubtedly it has helped me to recover back to good health, mentally and physically, restoring my positivity and love of life.

I have been recommending the hypnotherapy sessions with Daniel to my family and close  friends ever since."


Young Smiling Woman

" I’ve had a really challenging time over the last 5 years around starting a family with heartbreaking miscarriages and failed IVF. During this pregnancy I was very cautious and didn’t get my hopes up about a positive outcome after so much disappointment. After then suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum I was suddenly struck with overwhelming anxiety and everywhere I turned I received kindness but a lack of availability to help me there and then. I felt lost and isolated and didn’t know how to cope. A friend suggested hypnotherapy with Daniel. I’d never tried hypnotherapy before but was filled with hope following my friend’s recommendation. Daniel was so kind and arranged to see me the next day. I was so grateful as I was really frightened and struggling with my anxiety, anxiety to such a degree that I hadn’t suffered from before. How Daniel explained hypnotherapy and then went on to explain how my situation and thinking was affecting me was so helpful. I felt such a relief, understood and that hypnotherapy could help me. Don’t get me wrong, I still struggled during the first few weeks as nothing is ever a quick fix but things became easier. After several sessions I felt in a completely different place. I was sleeping better and far less overwhelmed. I still couldn’t think about the future but I was far better able to cope with the present. Now, nearly 3 months on, I feel my “normal” self. I have good days and I have tricky days, but I strongly believe that it was the hypnotherapy with Daniel that helped me to think about the here and now with a solution focussed mindset that got me through one of the most difficult times of my life so far. I really can’t recommend him more highly."


Smiling Woman

" I really enjoyed my first hypnotherapy session with Daniel for my eating disorder. I learned a great deal and now understand how my mind plays a part in my condition. I came away feeling happy, relaxed and less anxious and i am really looking forward to my next meeting with Daniel. "


Smiling Student

" I had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Daniel to help me with my confidence. I found that Daniels approach was warm and supportive which helped me feel relaxed allowing me to open up and talk about where I would like to improve.

Daniels hypnotherapy sessions were not just about the hypnosis alone, the approach felt holistic where Daniel listened and together we addressed contributing factors and how I may move forward to over come my hurdles.  Hypnotherapy has helped me to increase my awareness and improve my approach to the challenges I faced and since having hypnotherapy I have made significant  changes in a positive way.

Hypnotherapy with Daniel is combined with encouragement and each week there is a review which helps to acknowledge growth and movement toward the change I was looking for.

The hypnotherapy sessions together with the audio recording, listened to outside the sessions, I found relaxing and effective and has definitely increased my confidence and over all well being.

I highly recommend Daniels hypnotherapy sessions." 

Ms J Whitlock